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It was

Prompt from Roger Bultot It was the strangest of feelings, Dominica had just arrived in town for a short holiday, yet this street was so familiar. She was carried back nearly one hundred years, she was watching a young girl…

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Fly Soup

Prompt photo from Dale Rogerson Safa weaved a fine mesh. She needed mesh for her face mask. Mesh stood a chance of keeping the thickening soup of insects from entering her lungs. But now there was another enemy. Gossamer like…

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Silence Darling

Unknown photographer…Artist Rochelle Mum are you sure this is safe. Hannah said her grandfather thinks having a photograph taken, opens your soul to the devil. Its alright darling, I know a really nice artist called Rochelle, and she will put…

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Photo prompt Dear Brother I have arrived. The bishop had his way. The congregation here are not happy. They are a free church and had the power to appoint their own Vicar. The last incumbent here, was hoisted out of…

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