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Libraries are Fun

Friday Fictioneers, a prompt from Nancy Richy

Some libraries can appear outdated, many years ago I had the opportunity to visit two such libraries. Both were in neglected stately houses. Each library was damp if not wet. I was not allowed to open any of the books.
you see son, if you open any, it’s spells will escape”… Well they have escaped, millions of them. My head is full of nonsense. So I became a writer…

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  1. Dear Michael,
    Brilliant last line. My head is full of nonsense…love it!

  2. Ah, the desperate need to preserve things, even at the expense of preserving their true value. Books are made to be opened; they aren’t doing anybody any good moldering on a shelf.

    1. I have a great Oxfam book shop nearby. So many interesting books. I have just purchased and read a book on jigsaws by Margaret Drabble, called The pattern in the Carpet. Sadly I can no longer get to out of town libraries

    1. Thank you for commenting Plaridel, yes my own local library seems to be getting quieter,… I called in there today… I am not a fan of most currently published novels. Perhaps I am too old and my tastes have changed. So be it.

    1. Margaret. my book of spells used to be a dictionary/thesaurus. I am somewhat dyslexic, however seven and a half decades later I have learnt strategies to manage. The computer opened the way for me to get a degree from Bradford University. If I try to use pen and paper I get in a right mess,… so be it

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