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Photo prompt provided by John Nixon Magpie is a magical place, one can’t call it a shop because of what happens their. The items that arrive amaze me. Where should I start, perhaps with the Georgian settle, minus its cushions,…

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The Hill

Prompt photo by Brenda Cox I wondered if any of the gang would be alive. The town had given permission for the development of our hunting grounds. When the diggers moved in… well the less said the better… Clive, I…

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Dear Reader

Prompt photo provided by Dale Rogerson Reader I am reading, I started with a frayed Wartime Services Edition of ‘sweet Thames run softly’ by artist and author Robert Gibbing, it called to mind my childhood. So did my next book…

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Prompt provided by Carole Erdman-Grant The derelict old library stood forlorn. Books had been banned. Something to about being unhealthy for the masses. If you needed to learn you went to the government computer terminal. So the children asked old…

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