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Photo prompt courtesy of Brenda Cox The skill of communication can be challenging. For the inhabitants of Venus, to communicate means the using a bewildering array of colour. Yes communication on Venus is involved. A layer of sulphuric acid surrounding…

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The Sentinel

Photo prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields On a stout stone, grey from his nose to his tail, he watch’s individuals traveling. Time passes quickly for the bear. To his left doors wait, snaring anyone who enters them. On his right,…

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Saturn’s Spites

Photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields The hierarchy of Saturn’s confederations had held sway for millennia, despite a wide gulf of life forms. Whilst the gas sprites had often sorely tried the dragon lords patience with their playful behaviour. They also…

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Are you joking

Prompt photo copyright Claire Fuller Earth mining on Titan was over. Earth had realised that the underground cities of the dragon lords, were just the tip of a considerable microcosm of interlinked communities. Communities that held knowledge far beyond anything…

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It was

Prompt from Roger Bultot It was the strangest of feelings, Dominica had just arrived in town for a short holiday, yet this street was so familiar. She was carried back nearly one hundred years, she was watching a young girl…

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