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With a tap on the shoulder

Photograph prompt provided by H Hardy Carroll

I felt the pressure as he laid his hand on my shoulder. Turning round I saw a tall well turned out chap. His uniform was immaculate. The red band on his cap, told me all I needed to know.
Yes I had taken an army lorry and left without permission… But I had heard that my brother was close by. Denied leave I went anyway. It was the last time I saw him.

A story that is rooted in truth. A bleak picture that recalled to my mind, family members lost in the last two world wars. And sadly something that must be happening now in Ukraine
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  1. I’m so glad he was able to see his brother one last time. After all he went through, I was afraid the tap on his shoulder was a MP. Well penned, Michael!

  2. I’m glad he went anyway and got to see his brother for the last time. We often regret the things we didn’t do. Nicely told.

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