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Out at night walking

Prompt by Susan Rouchard

The light is lovely on this cold night, around me an ancient culture sleeps. Dark shadows offer a glimpse in the past. Yet it is a multitude of bright red lights, interspersed with just as many white and straw coloured one that have caught my attention. They have carried me back to a time before humanity roamed the world in motor cars. Such a different time. The path turns and I am greeted by glowing church windows. Home at Last..

Footnotes.. the above is an account of my late night walk with my elderly dog Robbie .. I am frustrated by a cold, please forgive my sluggishness at commenting.

A young Robbie, yet today at fifteen, he looks not a day older.
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  1. Sounds like it was a very contemplative walk. Lovely description of the lights and where your thoughts took you. And well done Robbie for making it to 15 and still look youthful. I hope your cold gets better quickly, Michael.

  2. Michael, I liked the way your mind went from the present to the past and then back to the present and then the thankfulness in being home. Robbie looks very good for his age. What a fine looking fellow he is 🙂

  3. Lovely contemplations. I could imagine the scene. I especially liked the line, “around me an ancient culture sleeps.” Robbie looks precious and spry. I hope you feel better soon, Michael!

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