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Open Letter

Prompt from Roger Bultot

Recently I have been frustrated by my writing. I find myself able to develop material, but not in a vein that I find satisfying… I have therefore reluctantly decided to stop posting material,… until I get my mojo back… The magic of writing for and taking part in Friday has been important for me… However for the present, I need to stop. I find myself wanting to revisit a multitude of material that I have stored. My muse is saying that it is unfinished material. I will continue to follow Friday Fictioneers. Good luck to you all. And thank you for all the supportive comments. Mike

A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. It’s ironic that the last time you participate in FF is the first time I’ve not had to fill in my details in order to comment. It was ever thus. I hope you’ll be back soon, Michael, I’ve enjoyed your work. Take care.

  2. Dear Michael,

    You will most definitely be missed. Take care and come back when you can.

    All the Best and Shalom,


  3. Hi Michael, I do love your writing so I hope you will be back soon. But congratulations on taking this step, although a hard decision, I am sure your muse knows what is right and there will be some hidden gems in your past writings, of that I have no doubt <3

  4. Michael (aka Mike,) I’m sorry we will be missing your stories. At the same time, a writer has to do what a writer has to do and you need to look through your archives. Happy you’ll continue to read Friday Fictioneers. Cheers!

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