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The Librarian

Photograph prompt from Susan Rouchard Darkness had descended outside, but there was still one hour to closing time. The silence was deafening yet calming. Add to the mix the smell of polished floors and pitched pine plus a multitude of…

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Prompt photograph provided by Dale Rogerson. Originally built to house the victims of World War One, and now extended to treat and control tuberculosis. Equipped with all it needed. It’s sweeping verandas looked out over verdant lawns and Scottish pines.…

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A Web of Control

Photograph prompt by Roger Bultot Interlocking they built. No not a Mausoleum. Blue needed Benjamin keeping alive. For without a live human, the Ai’s could not understand their roots. How human’s had taken millennium’s to developed from chipping rock to…

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Blue City’s

Prompt photograph provided by Rochelle Wishop-Fields Benjamin was dying. For nearly a century he had watched Blue and Blue’s family’s grow. Now Blue wanted Benjamin to live to live forever. So Blue called on every Ai to move to the…

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Just Wondering

Photographic prompt provided by Rowena Curtin You know those links that bind us together, one’s rather like humanity’s poisonous lead plumbing. Well while I was resting in the garden, I wondered how to detox the human brain… One thought was…

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