Robbie saying hey Michael please play

Throughout my school years I was at the bottom of the class when it came to English studies. In fact without my mothers help I might never have learned to read let alone write. Whilst my father taught me the value of enjoying work. I did not do well at school, many reasons. Yet I remember several of my teachers with affection. But at school this boy and English just did not gel.

I had quite a varied employment career, where colleagues, friends and patients hopefully knew me as a steady pair of hands. During my working career I also had three shops, the last one being a model shop. Former customers still ask when am I going to open another shop. If I did, it would have to be a Cafe: whilst if I kept a regular blog, you would find numerous accounts of visits to cafes. On retirement I managed to obtain a place on a degree course, focused on English literature with a large dollop of local history thrown in for good measured. I now have a BA in Combined Studies [Bradford University].

I am fortunate to have a supportive wife and two sons. I have three grandchildren plus a rather tolerant black and white collie, called Robbie. He is one in a long line of canine friends who I have had the pleasure of knowing. My friends still call me Michael. My interests besides writing flash fiction, include gardening, walking, and studying nature. I also have a long term interest in railways and other transport, which I would define as being from a Stone Age canoe to rockets heading into space. I also once enjoyed riding assorted scooters and motorbikes.

At the present time I am using this website to post flash fiction, in response to photographic prompts from three international websites. Those sites are as follow: also known as Friday Fictioneers, with a word count limited to 100 words. having a word count limited to 175 words, and which is limited to 200 words.

I also have two other personal websites. One containing short stories available by a link button from the home page on this site. My third site, is at present work in progress, and will be a site, which I trust will showcase two developing novellas.