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Prompt photo provided by Susan Rouchard Benjamin remembered a cellar being flooded by blue light, and his father ordering him to run. The smell of the ocean, gasping for air. Now he drifted with the ocean current, talked with the…

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A Changeling ?

Prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields A white furred fox approached. Transfixed I watched as it turned into a Saami. Benjamin you are in danger, please follow me. The next twenty hours we ran in silence. Reaching a fiord, my companion…

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Ice Cold

Prompt from Jennifer Pendergast Benjamin reversed into the shadows, reducing the impact of his pale blue skin. Pulling a hood over his mop of ginger hair. He scanned the derelict neighbourhood for any sign of life, as he noted the…

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Hard Choice

Prompt provided by Susan Rouchard Joseph ran concrete stained hands through the stubble that passed for his hair. He looked over a rail mounted wingless plane body. His run in with the travel licensing board, had burnt out the crafts…

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