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Photo prompt Na’ama Yehuda… thank you Na’ama, your picture encouraged me to dig deep into my memory

Michael please gather some sticks and a spill, whilst I fill the copper. Soon steam is rising.

Water and soda has worked its magic, and the peg has twisted and turned in the dolly tub.

Now its time to turn the mangle, then work out now to drape the clothes on the clothes horse, drying the important items.

Yes Mondays could be hard on the hands and leave little time for fun. Yet turning the mangle meant I was growing up…

Wash day over, its time for a slice of bacon jack followed by the last of the lardy cake.

Old fashioned wash days are a thing of the past. But how I would enjoy a slice of Bacon Jack again…
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  1. Ah, the days of the twin tube and sunny days to dry the load. Although, hand washing in a bucket is still done in this household, it sort of reminds me from whence I come.

  2. I like the diversion from the mini washer and to the historical description of the chore, but with the hint of satisfaction and of course the prize of Bacon Jack…which I’ve never had but trust is a worthy of a days hard work.

  3. I remember my grandma boiling clothes in a wash tub and using a washing board. Those were the days of hard manual labor and a lot less throwaway appliances that suck electricity.

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