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Photo Prompt from Rochelle Wishop-Fields

The sounds of a giant beast weaving its way through the forest assaulted my ears. It horrendous scream made the leaves tremble. Then it burst into the clearing, black faced and pulling its long red and white body ever forward. I am draughtsman looking at a mountain. The beast towers over me, it is bleeding, so I step back, as pungent smells assault me. Yet I climb aboard, for I must travel to my destination.

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    1. I had hoped to post a picture that I took many years back of huge German locomotive creeping through a forest on an island in the Baltic ocean. But I could not find it. The locomotive seemed so out of place. However you are right about how many see todays trains as normal.

  1. Fascinating story! I wish Americans could see steam engines as normal, but I don’t think we do. We tend to think of trains as things of the past rather than possibilities for the future.

  2. Dear Michael,

    Picturesque piece. I love how you went from spider web to steam engine with ease. Nicely woven story.

    1. Jennifer, sadly I could not find the photo that I took of that locomotive, ‘it dominated the forest clearing’, there was nothing else but myself and a forest of mature trees,

  3. I remember travelling in steam engine trains. We would arrive covered in soot and mouth gritty because our heads would be out of the window most of the time.

  4. Reminded me of my then two-year-old grandson who loved Thomas the Tank Engine, but when he saw it coming toward him, life-sized, he was terrified 🙂 Good writing, Michael.

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