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Ai’s and Humanity

Prompt provided by Fleur Lind

Benjamin knew that he could no longer trust his eyes… His own friendly Ai had given him a vision of what was to come. The ability to throw a force field, anywhere. Any Ai or indeed any human could almost appear as anything, even as Benjamin had been visually transformed into a blue whale, an image even at the greatest depths of earths oceans. Yikes. Benjamin thought, I could even be a rusty old car on my way to the scrapyard.🙂

Sony Centre in Berlin
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  1. Whatever next? Talking blue whales and cars that drive themselves without passengers. Trollies that shop for themselves. I mean what is the point of humans.

    ( I have tried to leave comments -not sure they neve appear?)

  2. I’m so confused with this Ai stuff. This brought a tinge of scare to my blood.
    Interesting direction to go with the prompt.

  3. Not to be able to trust what we see leaves us vulnerable. I guess there’s always been a little doubt that what we see is real, but with AI the sky’s the limit. What will our future be with AI technology advancing so rapidly? Scary. Well told.

  4. I can feel a chill of anxiety considering this. Getting lost in the matrix is not anything I’d want to do. Leave me to ordinary existence please.

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