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Prompt provided by Alicia Jamtass

The desire for territory was strong in Vladimir. He collected land as if it were gold. When the land was in his grip he was embolden to take more. However it is different in the oceans of earth. Individuals could grab water, but when they die, it returns to the ocean. White Ai’s purify water, they would purify Vladimir. But only after the Black Ai, gave him up. The Ai’s are playing with Vladimir. The Blue Ai told Benjamin to watch and learn…

I am not content with is post. Perhaps it is just one link in a long chain of a story, about Ai’s.

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  1. At first I read Ai as “artifical intelligence,” which I guess would have just about the same effect 🙂 I agree with you–this seems like something from a longer story.

  2. I think it works as an individual post. It can definitely be a longer story and you’ve been working with it for a while so it is calling you to expand and tell it. I’m looking forward to reading more.

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