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A Changeling ?

Prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

A white furred fox approached. Transfixed I watched as it turned into a Saami. Benjamin you are in danger, please follow me. The next twenty hours we ran in silence. Reaching a fiord, my companion crossed onto its frozen surface then turned towards the ocean. Fear not Benjamin, you approach your destiny. I followed, the magic was strong. Then the ice shattered and I drifted into darkness. Yet in my new form, as a blue whale I was safe,… My life on the farm had not prepared me. Will I change again?

I am afraid the link to the prompt is rather tenuous, sorry about that… I will try to do better. Mike
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  1. I think you did just fine! For me there’s no such thing as a tenuous link to the prompt. It triggers something that takes us somewhere and that’s the beauty of the whole thing!

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