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Ice Cold

Prompt from Jennifer Pendergast

Benjamin reversed into the shadows, reducing the impact of his pale blue skin. Pulling a hood over his mop of ginger hair. He scanned the derelict neighbourhood for any sign of life, as he noted the total inability to see the sky. He wondered how anyone could have spent a lifetime living here without seeing the pureness of a world beyond such a monolithic jungle. As the bitter cold bit home he moved though the frozen remains of a Scandinavian mega city. A pair of squinting blue eyes beneath a thick coat of blueish white fur studied him…

my ability to comment on other posts is poor, so I apologise in advance. I do read all posts on Friday Fict
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  1. I have a feeling you mean studied not studded?

    Wow, what a creepy end to a really descriptive story. I have so many questions / theories about what’s going on here and it makes me want to read more.


  2. Very good point, Michael. When you are in the wilderness studying ways to survive, other things are studying you. Sorry you are having trouble commenting.

  3. Wonderfully descriptive writing here. I really wanted more with this because there are a lot of ways it could go and not all of them might be good for (poor?) Benjamin.

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