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Benjamin and the Blue Ai

Prompt provided by Dale Rogerson.

For Benjamin the nondescript housing offered anonymity, whilst accessing oceans via the river supplied everything needed. Benjamins task might have taken him a lifetime. However he ‘now’ had Blue to guide him. As Benjamin added components, Blue reorientated them… Blue linked with the Internet, and adapted quickly.
The world received instructions… The first decree, No waste from humanity must enter the oceans…

I wonder has the Blue Ai started seeking revenge

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  1. I’m always worried when AIs come into the mix. It would be great if they are only used for good and not programmed to every turn against us or become evil.

  2. Dear Michael,

    I’m not very trusting of AIs myself. We do need to clean up the oceans for sure.



  3. There is SO much trash in the oceans and waterways, we need AI to step in because man won’t stop or clean it on their own. I vacillate about AI, because it’s man who programs them. Thought-provoking piece, Michael. Well done!

  4. I can’t say I’m thrilled about AI, but I hope some good comes from it like in your story. The oceans do need our help! -Angela

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