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The Librarian

Photograph prompt from Susan Rouchard

Darkness had descended outside, but there was still one hour to closing time. The silence was deafening yet calming. Add to the mix the smell of polished floors and pitched pine plus a multitude of old books. …Michael ran up the stairs to be confronted with a beaming smile. ‘You’re in luck Michael, there is a new Thomas book in’. I was down on my hands and knees in a second. ‘Eight Famous Engines ’ by the Rev Wilbert Vere Awdry, jumped off the shelf and into my hands.

And yes I am still addicted…

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  1. Dear Michael,

    How lucky is the child to have books in hand. Imaginative story.



  2. I love libraries. I once worked in one and they really do provide a great community service although are often taken for granted. This story is palpable, good to see it sparked a lifelong interest.

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