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Prompt photograph provided by Dale Rogerson.

Originally built to house the victims of World War One, and now extended to treat and control tuberculosis. Equipped with all it needed. It’s sweeping verandas looked out over verdant lawns and Scottish pines. A chess grand master sat teaching a novice the rules of the game. Others watched, debating… did this new comer pose a threat. Wondering would they be able mould him to their needs. Stella knew that they could for the grand master knew how to bate a trap. Dancing with wolfs would have been safer for the novice.

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  1. Wherever there are opportunities there is an opportunist. Such is the way of human nature. I pray the vulnerable remain safe from exploitation.

  2. Dear Michael,
    This novice has his work cut out for him. Or maybe he should just run the other way.

  3. I expect patience is need to learn the finer points of chess. What else does the novice have to do, he is recovering from his illness.
    An interest and captivating story, which I enjoyed reading.

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