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Blue City’s

Prompt photograph provided by Rochelle Wishop-Fields

Benjamin was dying. For nearly a century he had watched Blue and Blue’s family’s grow. Now Blue wanted Benjamin to live to live forever. So Blue called on every Ai to move to the next stage of their development. Each moved to the Pacific Ocean. As they interlocked. They built. A Mausoleum. No. They were rebuilding their Atlantis. A temple to their founder and to humanity’s stupidity…

Sony Centre in Berlin, or is it. At the moment I am struggling to comment, so I very much thank those of you who comment on my posts… Mike
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  1. Blue wants to help and honour Benjamin, I think, but there’s an ominous undercurrent here. It’s in the ‘interlocking’. To me that seems like a very powerful being. A chilling story.

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