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A great picture prompt from Sandra Crook

The wine had flowed freely, but now we sleep.
They say that the best dreams come to those who sleep well. But in my dream the ocean is lifting and curling, so that it appears beautiful and yet also menacing. Why are the seagulls flying towards me, and why are they lower than the crest of such a giant wave… I wake with a start, I am cold and soaking wet. ‘No I have not wet the bed’. The nurses says that the sweating and cold will do me good.

Part of a planned book cover that never got off the ground
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  1. Dear Michael,

    A febrile dream. A unique take on the prompt. Nicely done.



  2. Years ago, what you describe was a treatment for tuberculosis. My husband’s grandfather died after being left out, in his bed, on a snow-covered veranda. I guess that was a cure of a different kind.

  3. Fever-dreams are awful, not peaceful. I remember a few of those from when I had Dengue. So glad his fever has broken. Hauntingly written, Michael.

  4. Heat can do terrible things to the brain. You have to get cooler but in a gentle way so the body doesn’t start shivering and raise the temp even more. Glad you made it through, Michael.

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