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Lisa and Sandra are responsible

Prompt from Lisa Fox,…which stirred old memories

Giant marsh marigolds glow in the sun, cool water runs over my toes. The sound of laughter fills the air. We hold hands and enter into a dell, under a canopy of flowering hawthorn. Its blossom covers the ground, and later our nakedness, for us this is the beginning. And a life time of memories never to be forgotten. Sixty years later a pair of doves join together under the same hawthorn. Blossom and love is timeless, never to be forgotten.

The blossom has been spectacular this year.

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  1. I see the same green and the same way the sunlight brightens the leaves in both pics. What wonderful memories to hold dearly. Nice touch with the mourning doves.

    1. Sandra, I very rarely read any flash posts before writing my offering. But this week I had just read your post and it inspired my and mine. Until reading your posting I was struggling. So I have you and Lisa to thank

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