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Unlocking a Personal Prison

Photo copyright Bill Reynolds

For twenty plus years Stan had been restricted to his home. Several attempted interventions came to nothing. The visiting community worker was his last opportunity to return to a normal life. With hesitant steps Stan made it past his front door and entered his old pick up. Returning to driving was the key. Stan felt safe in the vehicle, where he could lock the doors. The next step was a long overdue trip to the dentist. Decaying teeth removed Stanley smiled once again. A new career beckoned. Building demolition. Very brick removed built Stan’s confidence.

Building demolition
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  1. Hi Michael,
    Quite a timely take on the prompt. My daughter recently went back to school for the new year. IT feels like it’s been two years since things were “normal” and quite difficult to get back into the rhythm and really needing to start over.
    I could well imagine that demolition could be therapeutic.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you Rowena, in a small local market town today I ‘still’ found a lot of fear about the danger from COVID. I believe it will take years to return to a life style with out the fear many still hold

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