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Rabbits Beware

Prompt photograph from Na’ama Yehuda

My name is Judd and I have a story to tell. The police have taken my shot gun away. Apparently I had been firing through my house windows. I told the police that I was after the voices that tormented me, and that I used the gun to hunt rabbits, which along with my allotment kept me fed.
They have now sent me a community nurse, she is teaching me how to fish and to snares rabbits. I would like to snare her… but the voices tell me to leave her alone. As usual the voices are wrong.

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  1. The matter-of-fact voice of your main character makes the nonsense he’s speaking even more chilling. A very ominous tale – well done!

  2. Dear Michael,

    The frightening thing about this, besides his lack of conscience, is there really are people like this. Chilling voice. Very well done.



  3. I fear the nurse should beware even though she’s so helpful. But, maybe she knows how to handle his sort. Well written voice!

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