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At the hands of young adults.

Shall we have a game granddad? Sounds good to me, said I. Little did I know. Out came the Scrabble board. Four players settled down to play and win. Callum went first. Heck that’s a large score. Caitlin plays next. Why did she go there? Blocking in the letter e. Another big score. My turn now and not such a good score. Daniel the youngest goes next and he also overtakes me.

Who taught them to play like this, I wonder. As each word they lay blocks my feeble attempts. I will never catch them at this rate. In the past year since we last played this game, they have become grand masters at Scrabble. One word made into two or three and a triple word score thrown in. I will get my own back, but I was blocked out again and again. So the game ends and I have the lowest score, plus I am left with the letter z. Heck. 

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