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Prompt photograph Dale Rogerson

Judy is very old, but she still moves and carries herself with style. Her coat is thick and golden, and silky smooth. In her long life she has devoured a vast amount of knowledge. Her desire is to give pleasure, and to be loved in return.
However today is fated to be a catastrophe, for Judy’s memory is failing. A fine specimen of a feline has just walked past Judy’s open front door. Judy smiles and follows, for she has always loved cats. Judy was never seen again, despite a wide ranging search. Rest in Love Judy.

Traveling is a way of Life.
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    1. Thank you for sharing this tender memory of Judy. She clearly achieved her heart’s desire and gave much pleasure and it doesn’t end. We never forget our beloved companions,

  1. Dear Michael,

    That took an unexpected turn. All the while I thought Judy was the cat. Sweet ending line.



    1. At times Judy could feel like she was a cat at times, she was rather gentle and enjoyed watching the world pass by… , my post this week was more a memoir, Judy was a much loved gold colour dog during my childhood

  2. What a befitting tribute to Judy. For a moment I thought Judy was a grand old lady, till you described the golden coat. 🙂

    The tale took an unexpected turn, and that;’s was really tugged my heart.
    How beautifully told, Michael.

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