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Prompt curtsy of Brenda Cox

I have observed fledging trees breaking the surface of the earth. Many continue as teenagers. Unfortunately I will not be able to follow them to their old age.
They are at risk. Just observe the farmland around you. Week by week trees disappear. No longer valued for being beautiful. Now many see only danger, or worse firewood.
Would that I could show you a forest of old, teeming with life. The scent of life was strong then. Now all I see, are restrictions. Yes trees are hemmed in, just like the majority of humanity.

Trees at Burnsall
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    1. Neil, I do particularly like your feedback this week, it has given me something to think about. I do appreciate your commenting on my attempts at flash fiction. My ability to reciprocate often can be feeble, as I find giving feedback difficult.

  1. We humans have the propensity to over consume not protect our resources for the future. What are we leaving for the next generations? Barren lands? A thought-provoking piece, Michael. Well done.

  2. Michael,
    The good news for us here in the U.S. is that total forest area has remained relatively stable in the last 100 years, even seeing areas of increase in the South and the East. It’s our privilege to steward our earth. We can get better at it.

  3. A frightening reality for Mother Gaia and for us. Why do we keep pushing to see where the tipping point is? By the time we find out it will be way too late. That’s a beautiful photo of the trees. Are they sycamore?

  4. This story puts me in mind of a recreationa park that as created a few miles from our place by condemning a large amount of land, and flooding it from an opened dam. It’s nice for swimming, canoeing, etc. But it’s lined with trees, as in the picture above, and if you swim you have to be careful of old dead tree limbs

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