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Living Dangerously

 Copyright Yinglan; z.
Copyright Yinglan; Z.

Why did you lend her the car, look at what she has brought back, a damm’ed trailer tent. I ask you. What ever next? I thought she wanted to visit Las Vegas.

Six weeks later the trailer was gone and so was Jimmy. The neighbors said that he’d got fed up with all of Julie’s hangers on and her constant nagging. That he had taken the trailer and himself off to Nevada.

Seven months later state police found the trailer abandoned in Death Valley. What remained of Jimmy had been well nibbled by Coyote and Bobcats. Toxicology put Jimmys death down to the Mojave Green viper. Three months later Julie was living her life to the full, visiting Las Vegas, on her arm her latest acquisition: Whilst in her purse was the cash from Jimmys life insurance.


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  1. He’s gone, and she’s living on his insurance money…apparently, the authorities did not come to a conclusion that she was involved in his death, but I guess there will always be questions about it. Good mysterious story.

    1. I was pleased that the unanswered question as to her involment came over. Myself I think that the guy on her arm may be the villain. But did she know. Thank you for your positive feed back. Mike

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