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Joe was glad of the work, for the income it had brought in. He had written from the heart, when the Department of Health had contacted his agency to tender for the commercial. Writing the script had forced him to address what had happened with Adele. Yes superficially it had been the booze and cigarettes which had ended her life early. Dying from a heart attack at forty, it was just not right.

He recalled all the party’s they had attended, before he got jealous, then the arguments had started. He knew that stress  had been the real culprit.

Tea Break time for the writer
Tea Break time for the writer.
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      1. That is the frustration of flash fiction. He was immature to start with – whilst she was blocked by her family from achieving what she desired. There I have given away to much already

          1. [Sometimes] I find the comment section that follows a piece of flash fiction is just fascinating, particularly when the comments draw attention to a area within the writing matter that I had no realised was there. And on occasions I find the story subject just wants to say more.

  1. Cause of death is such an interesting thing. They write down heart attack, when there was more than likely a smorgasbord of contributing factors. Chocolate cake, beer, arguments…the list goes on.
    I am poised with a decaf cup of tea and should be asleep but the house is blissfully quiet after the rabble has one to sleep. I can be my own person and I cherish this time a bit too much.

    1. [Your opening line is a story in its self] There is nothing wrong with cherishing me time, I do love having family around and company visiting – but I also need quite a bit of me time, time to reflect and write – and have Chocolate cake and a mug of tea.

      1. I’ve been talking to a few people about striving for balance today and that’s what I’m also working towards with intimacy and solitude. Like you I also need a lot of time to write, read etc, although I do much of that at night with the family around. I’m rather non-stop but there is that quiet, solitary end of the day, which I savour. BTW we’re nibbling away on a chocolate crunchie Easter bunny with my decaf tea at the moment. Yum!

          1. Michael, last night my parents came up for my daughter’s birthday and we cracked open this special chocolate we’d bought in Tassie:
            It was a beautiful chocolate. My husband found it a little bitter, which surprised me as I usually have a sweeter tooth than him and I loved it.
            Hope you’ve had a good week. I missed Friday Fictioneers this week what with my daughter’s birthday and losing track of the week.
            xx Rowena

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