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Breaking Up

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Photo copyright: Sarah Potter.

How long had he been held a prisoner? Jeb just did not know – he knew that once he had escaped, but had found himself in a alien world. That he had been brought back to some kind of laboratory. He knew that he was in some way invisibly connected to a image creating machine. He was being kept alive, encourged to dream, but he was not free.  Last time he had managed to get free by imaging death -‘a pitch black void’. This time he intended to find pure blinding light. Instead he found himself entering his family home at Christmas.

This is the view from the end of my garden last winter. The forecast for tomorrow is for snow storms: So I am glad that I got a flight home from Berlin today.
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  1. Interesting how they are using him for his memories and dreams. Perhaps to learn about humans perhaps? Or maybe they are siphoning them for something? Depends how scifi the story is I guess. Great write!

  2. A chilling write – I read it more as the story of a person whose mind is playing tricks with him, perhaps he escaped from a hospital, perhaps he was drugged to alter his thinking…

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