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Walking the Beach

Photo: from Sandra Crook
Photo: from Sandra Crook

One could walk for many miles, starting from Lytham. Today you need to dodge the spindrift’s, for it’s a blustery morning, I start slowly passing the windmill, my eyes are downcast as I scan the ground for treasure. There have been many dubious findings when each morning I set out for my walk. Yesterday the colour of gold would caught my eye, as a spy’d a sovereign mounted in fat gold ring, resting like a lord on the pavement. As if it was not enough that I collect the treasures that the sea delivers each day, now the lords and ladies leave offerings for me.

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    1. Thank you Sandra. Late this morning I visited Lytham with family. I purchased a simple childlike water colour of an owl and a cat. Which I hope to use as an illustration cover for a children’s story.

  1. Michael, this sounded almost like a mystical beach compared to our local beach with it’s golden sand and almost endless summers. I think that beach might also offer up some other secrets given half the chance. Well done.
    Best wishes,

      1. That seems to be happening the world over. No doubt from an economic perspective we should be more concerned about our missing industrial industries. That siad, cleaner ways of manufacturing are so much better for the environment and our health.
        Best wishes,

    1. Thank you Bjorn. Finding the gold ring, which was taken to the local police station, set my character on the road to recovering his own wealth. The story was centred on a place I know well.

  2. There’s magic in this story. I must rush over to Google and check out Lytham because you have brought it to life! Thanks.
    (“would caught my eye.” Perhaps this should be “had caught my eye.”

    1. I am sorry about the faulty phrase, I have to hold my hands up and admit to writing this story in a great hurry. I was about to take a small group of visitors from Germany to Lytham, and later to Blackpool illuminations. I have known the area for many many years, and still love visiting there.

  3. What a lovely story of your walk. My daughter is notorious for finding coins and small treasures when we take a walk. The ability takes willingness to slow down from our busy world and see. Great story.

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