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Photo prompt copyright: Sandra Crook
Photo prompt copyright: Sandra Crook

In the metropolis most of us collect something. I collect ladies. Tonight I have four in tow. There’s Poppy the dressmaker, Sandy the chatterbox, Judy silent as a lamb. Then Rosie who is amorous, but then I am.
The ginnels and alleyways are dark tonight. There are vistas aplenty. However my fingers explore Rosie’s waist. Till a cheetah appears at her feet. Then alarm bells sound and the guard comes out. Ever it is so. For this metropolis is heavily populated, and succulent pickings abound. Thank heaven I do not look dangerous. But when the sun comes up, I must retreat.


Not quite romance, more gothic horror, like Jack the Ripper ‘1888’.

Instead of Cheetah, I maybe should have used the word tiger. i.e. a Tiger beetle. But when I dreamed up this piece of flash, cheetah was the word I came up with. Why I could not bring myself to change Cheetah for Tiger, I do not know… !

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. A superb tale about the different characters who inhabit the ‘metropolis’. I liked the cheetah because it appeared in a flash and its speed generated an alert to the danger it posed. This changed the direction of the story and was very effective.

  2. Dear Michael,

    I like where the prompt took you. You most definitely stepped out of the box which makes me smile. Ominous and sinister story, though. Good job.



    1. The arrival of the cheetah in the story, surprised me; but I am glad that I left it in. I was so pleased to read your feedback, as I was attempting to write in a genre that is rare for me [romance] but in the end I allowed a little horror to slip in.

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