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Do I Want Trouble?

PHOTO PROMPT - © Al Forbes

Photo copy right  Al_Forbes

Jimmy saw the two De Dion Bouton’s heading his way, trouble that’s what they meant, he flipped open his cigarette case and lit up a Capstan full strength. Then he rolled his sleeve’s up, exposing a magnificent set of naval tattoo’s.

Roll’em off lady and I’ll do me best, Damm’ed Bouton’s. He knew them inside out, but they always found some trick to play on him.

Infernal combustion engines, they stunk. Jimmy preferred the steam engine, that the Marquis de Boution had started out with. Perhaps he would take that job on the old sewerage ship at Southampton.

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    1. True, modern ones would manage that with less chance of exploding. 🙂 The original model… Well, lets by glad progress has been made. Can’t Blame him either; steamers were their own class of ship.

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