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Strategy gone Wrong

Photo copyright Iain Kelly: Strategy
Photo copyright Iain Kelly: My title for the photo is, Strategy.


No stopping unless you pay:

No entry to the city without the App.

No speeding, but be quick.


Ghostly images:

Abandoned buildings:

Death stalks a city.


Blackened windows scream:

Sounds reverberate, deserted pavements:

Walls bow, Smashed roads.


Empty doors cry:

Every thing turning to dust:

In the hollowed out city.


Devastating decay:

Life expired:

Strategies gone wrong.

yep it's me
yep it’s me




Trying something new this week: I am not sure about line three, nearly deleted it and placed [Deserted pavements] in it’s place.  I would welcome comments.

Thank are due to Iain Kelly for the photo, and to PJ for the opportunity to try my various writing styles. Mike



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  1. Excellent Michael. I absolutely like the rhythmic sing song sense of beat and movement leading up to that closing line. Bravo! By the way should it have been strategies? Just checking.

  2. A well expressed poem, Michael. It really brings out the dark, unwelcoming side of run down inner city areas to me. I also think the line ‘No speeding, but be quick’ works well. I think it gives the impression that the city is not somewhere many people want to linger for long.

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