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Unforeseen Effects

Photo copyright Bara CT
Photo copyright Barb CT

The captain indicated to rig for silence running as the craft inched towards the derelict pier. Hand signals only from now on. He signalled full stop, then slowly eased the periscope towards the surface. At first all seemed normal, it was a warm spring day and nearby stood a herd of once domesticated cattle. A bittern was probing a reed bed. He felt himself relaxing, then the water rippled and a pale elongated head surfaced not thirty yards from the periscope lens. Flexible ossicones with deep black eyes turned towards him. He indicated for the submersible to reverse, but it was already to late. He felt the downwards pressure as the submersible was crushed. The instructions had been clear, Ireland and Britain were off limits. It was the unforeseen price for reversing globe warming. The instructions from the Camelopardalis star cluster had been clear. Stay away. That part of planet earth was now part of the Camelopardalis interspace transportation network now.

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