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Spy in Disguise

Photocopy right: Dorothy
Photocopy right: Dorothy

Time flies when everything is strange, and I am a stranger in a strange country. I have tried to dress down, gone is my tweed jacket, also gone is my kilt along with my Scottish name and accent. I am now Fredrick Thompson from Birmingham England. Instead of being 45 years old and single, I am now 55 and married. I am now supposed to be a retired banker instead of a British spy.

But I am in trouble, for she has been following me all day. As I pretend to be studying a tourist guide, I see her watching me from her car. I have two possible choices, abandon my mission and leave this fascinating country. Or use the my Beretta 418, even with the silencer it had enough power as she was quite slim. My next move decided I crossed the crossing. I had not counted on her eyes. It is time to leave.

Switching on the camera
Scottish Thistles
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  1. Funny, I just posted the sixth chapter of my “spy thriller” on my blog a few hours ago (working on chapter seven now). Features a middle aged MI6 agent who has an informant who is a younger female assassin. Have a look when you get the chance. Nice use of change of identity.

    1. So little to tell, as he left rather than kill the girl. She was newly recruited to the spy game, her innocence meant he could not kill her, but he will return. Thank you Yarnspinnerr

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