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In Place of Drama

This week’s photo prompt is supplied by Yarnspinnerr
This week’s photo prompt is supplied by Yarnspinnerr

A surprise awaits those who reached a certain age and this place in life’s discourse. However first you need to understand that Greenacre’s is fine nursing home, which is mainly used by the country’s older citizens. This morning a new resident is moving in. Brian is a retired air force pilot, whose illustrious flying career started in Korea. Where at one point, he was rescued by the crew of HMS Comus when his aircraft engine failed. Whilst he was on board, Comus was attacked by two llyushin ll-10M. HMS Comus was badly damaged, Brian who was on the ships deck was narrowly missed by a shower of cannon fire. A witness praised Brian who took control of a Oerlikon anti-craft gun to defend the ship against the sustained attack by the aircraft. Brian was later heard to say, that the ship had saved him and he intended to save the ship.

As a young and rather pretty care worker removed his outdoor shoes, Brian wished he was back running towards a Oerlikon on HMS Comus.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
Footnote: Genre, Fact and Fiction mixed.

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  1. I like the story Michael, but it’s quite different from the tone and mood of yesterday’s introductory Greenacres story. That one was light, flippant, and naughty, this quite serious. Ultimately, your story, so you need to decide which route to take 🙂

    1. Adroit and perceptive, I do in time prefer light and flippant and even saucy. This story about Brian, is a character study. Ready for me to add the amusing section. Which I was unable to slot in, with in the word count.

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