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The Bridge

Copyright Joy Pixley
Copyright Joy Pixley

The blistering heat had driven the people of the city indoors. A lone dog lay in a stupor on the hot pavement. The lizards had long ago given up warming themselves and returned to their lairs, whilst the birds had retreated into areas of dense foliage. Even the church bells had fallen silent.

The thunderous roar reverberated across the city, unseen a section of the bridge fell into the river. A wave of super hot air blasted the leafs from the trees, tiles from roofs, then turned the river to steam.

Benedict pulled the disk from his computer then grabbed the phone, he just had to phone head office. The Aliens might conquer the world and crush the opposition. But first the console game would need a new name.


Footnote: My inspiration for this weeks prompt came from resently viewing a group of pictures Pompeii.

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