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The Spanish Inn

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Photo copyright: The Storytellers Abode.

As the lady walked by Ethan wondered could he make the conquest. It was strange that the challenge had been made by her husband, but the money deposited in Ethan’s account was very real. Ethan smiled, he was already looking forward to the challenge, unfrocking this lady would be fun. He rose and walked to join the family group, then joined in the ballad. Ethan wondered how long it would take to tempt her into one of his productions. Then he would suggest that they could rehearse at the Spanish Inn. He would invite her to his room. He was so sure of himself, why should he not be, it had worked before, with just a little force at the end. That woman had been just a child really; this older woman would suit his tastes more.

Today one month later he made his move. Forcing Elizabeth back into the bedroom took nearly all his strength. The knife took the rest. Elizabeth smiled, her sister had been revenged. William would deal with the body for her.


Hard at work writing
When I first saw the prompt by ‘the storytellers abode’ I had no inspiration as to what type of story to write. So I trawled through two of my note books, and found a snippet about a lady in a pale pink dress. A quick rewrite of the snippet produced the above story. Thank heavens for notebooks. Over time I have filled several with a multitude of brief thoughts and half finished short stories. I hope that you enjoyed this story, as much as I enjoyed creating it. Mike
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    1. Thank you very much for your support. [I do hope you find a use for the word defrocked]. These days I think that the word is only used as a religious term! However I never could stick to the rules!

    1. I was totally surprised by Elizabeth’s revenge, this was a story that just took me to her revenge. When later I rebooked at the prompt picture and saw the picture on the wall. I wondered was the picture her dead sister! if so he did get what he deserved.

    1. That can be so true, I enjoyed your story which was almost like an introduction to mine: ie: the reason that Elizabeth took her revenge. I always read your stories and enjoy them, but I do not often find it easy to put the right words together to give feedback, it is one thing that I regret.

  1. such passion between the lines, planning and waiting to execute revenge can be so nerve racking, so the suave character was portrayed very well. this was a seamless story of how things can shift in the blink of an eye!

    1. Singledust you are very kind, I am so grateful for your feedback. I have always struggled to be able to give good quality feedback. To be able to do so is a real skill, which I sadly lack.

      1. Thank you for the kind words Michael but no skill on my part – just sharing the feelings from reading your lovely story, the kind of story I wish I could write! Your feedback to me has always been sincere and always warms my heart.

    1. I would be lost without my note books: today I have written two introductions for short stories and made several notes of interest in them. If I recorded these items on my computer, I would most likely lose track of them! … I am grateful for your feedback on the Spanish Inn.

  2. I can’t count the times I’ve used an idea or character from some notes to write a response to a prompt. Notebooks are fantastic. (Except when you lose them!)
    Great story!

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