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Roland’s Story

Photo curtsy of Michelle De Angelis
Photo curtsy of Michelle De Angelis

Aged ninety three Roland still had an eye for the girls. He had been a resident in Greenacres for ten years. Although now wheelchair bound, he had a smile which lit up the day. A smile that lighten the mood of many a stressed but caring nurse.

The workload at Greenacres was relentless. Only the wee hours after midnight allowed the nursing homes care workers to relax slightly. For between midnight and two a.m. the matron decreed that all lighting and call bells should be switched off. In some way many of the residents of Greenacres understood this, they relaxed and slept.

Roland used this rare period of calm to daydream. If you had been able to access these dreams, they might have surprised you. Gently curves, mingled with fine strands of hair. Figures floated before this eyes. As Roland designed the most beautiful forms. Each night Roland built bridges.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. I am pleased that he dreams about building bridges. With my Greenacres series of stories I am looking for a plot or character that I can develope. So far unsuccessfully, although Roland’s life story comes close.

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