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That’s Life

Photo prompt curtsy of Fandango
Photo prompt curtsy of Fandango

“Well we are on to a winner here I would say. Old Mr Root had his faults but he knew his art. He must be worth a fortune. Let’s go and see what we can find”.

“But Joe my feet are so tired and my bellie is empty. Can’t we rest a while, perhaps you could rustle up an apple or two. And a glass of spring water”.

“Ok ma, sit awhile. Old Root’s house will wait. I will go and tap up the cafe, they may have something for free”.

“Move on Missus, we don’t allow any vagrants in this town”.

“Have a heart officer, me son’s gone to fetch me a glass of water”.

“I heard that one before old Sally. So move yourself or my boot will do it for you”.

Joe returned to find his mum gone, he search the town to no avail. That night he entered Mr Roots Empty house…

The following morning the town’s only police Constable was called to two dead bodies. The first was a slight boy who had fallen though a rotten floor at the Manor House. The second was that of an old frozen female tramp.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. Indeed empathy and kindness seems to be in short supply with those who have plenty. In one of my first jobs I came across many vagrants, it always stuck me that so many needed so little help. Yet human society right around the world seems unable to tackle this need.

  1. I have taken to reading some good news each day.
    One story was about a college student who saw two older men homeless men who couldn’t even walk to the local places for free water if they wanted to – their shoes so bad. The student left them but came back with a meal and a new pair of shoes for each man.

    1. The broadcasting media’s seem to focuse at the moment on disaster and doom plus celebrity, so I agree it is important to balance that by remembering all the good deeds done by so many caring people.

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