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Photo prompt curtsy of C E Ayr
Photo prompt curtsy of C E Ayr

Snip the dog sat watching Ted clearing away the detritus of many years neglect. Snip was aware of Teds dream. Perhaps Snip thought it was time to leave the dark wizard and move in with Ted instead. Yes thought Snip, no more of allowing his master to grab Snips dreams and post them on flash writing sites. Now Snip had travelled quite away to look Ted over. So now it was time for determined action.

With his tail wagging, Snip ran over to Ted.

“Hello old chap, are you hungry, I have a nice juicy piece of steak if you would like it”


And with that the die was cast.

So Snip moved out from the wizards house and in with Ted. Ted renamed Snip as Wisper, due to the mutts silence behaviour.

In time Teds nightmares turned quite mellow. Whilst unknown to Ted, the wizards dreams turned into nightmares.

Each night the wizard was chased by a cackling witch, swinging a broom. When the wizard tried to escape, the witch mounted her broom and gave chase. Whilst the broom went ”wuffwuff” or should that be “meow meow”.

Whilst Wisper or if you like Snip, dreamed of chasing rabbits…

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. This is an interesting take Michael. I think most of us focused on the rubbish, rather than the broom. Snip sounds like a dog who knows which side his bread’s buttered on. (There’s probably a saying better suited to dogs, but I don’t know it).

  2. Well this was great fun, Michael!
    And you have to be different, don’t you – some people show the photo with no credit, you show the credit and no photo!

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