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The Link

Photo copyright: A mixed Bag.
Photo copyright: A mixed Bag.

It has always been present I believe, however I have only seen it at work twice. The scientists of the twentieth century discovered what I now see as the Link. Happily they never realised all that was possible. Time and time again scientists worked on the genetic codes. Perfecting repairs or alterations, but no one had picked up on the most important function of an individuals genes.

Then the case of Issy and Megan came to my notice, sadly I all too soon understood the primary function underpinning each individuals genes. I was amazed and awestruck. Bewildered I shared my discovery with her who all call ‘The Force’. I wrongly thought that with her very long life she might understand better than I, how to handle such a discovery. She encouraged me to continue my scientific work in secret. That’s how I came across the link between Issy and Storm. I should have foreseen the dangers that my work entailed, had I really understood history, or how she ‘The Force’ tilted the Link.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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