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The Mistake

Photo curtsy of C E Ayer
Photo curtsy of C E Ayr

As Eddy moved out into the court yard he wondered what all the fuss was about, surely these humans had seen a dragon before. He decided not to roar or expel fire, for there seemed to be rather a lot of young fledgings among the humans. Instead Eddy decided to look stern, just as he did when he was teaching immature dragons. Being stern usually enabled him to think for a few moments, for young dragons knew how to respect their seniors. No young dragon wanted their wings singed.

Eddy put a stern face and ventured to inspect this world. How the transporter had got things so wrong Eddy just could not imagine. Yes Eddy had asked to go on an adventure. In reality he had hoped to visit Saturn’s rings. But getting there these days required a plethora of travel documents. So Eddy had tried to short circuit the system by allowing the transporter operative some degree of freedom on the choice of destination.

Eddy had heard about the blue planet with it’s juvenile inhabitants, but he had never expected to be sent to such a frightful world. Using his sharpest claw he etched a line of Sumerian runes. Hoping these humans had not forgotten the Mesopotamian cuneiform script.

Footnote: This week my response to the flash prompt was slow arriving. And I have to offer my apologies, as I have gone slightly over the word limit.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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