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Photo copyright: Susan Spaulding
Photo copyright: Susan Spaulding

Wherever I travel it seems that sparks fly. I thought that it might be different on this Caribbean island. All seemed to be going well until I visited her bar. You ask who she is, well she is the lioness whose face appears in all the bars in this part of the world. How was I supposed to know that one did not chat her up. She seemed pretty cute, although her green hair was a bit far out. As for her smile well my usual cantankerous self just melted away. You see her smile would disarm an entire army.

So I brought her a drink, then another and another. She sure could put them away. We ended up under the table together. One thing followed another, you know what I mean. How was I expected to know who her old man was. Yes I should have known the chap in the picture next to her was her father. I certainly do now. I was given life. Well I mean he made me marry her. That was nearly sixty years ago. It feels like I have served three life sentences… Just kidding my love, just kidding.

Michael Humphris.

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