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Merriment Ennobled

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Theatre is great when it works. Well that is what old Seth used to say, but he will not say it again. I saw him  heading out into the snow storm. Just like he had done for nigh on seventy years. How he managed being a shepherd with working part time as a clown amazed me. But then he had always loved the land and being on the stage equally.

Some of you might recall the times he and I spent walking the moors or being chased by game keepers. They never allowed us any leeway when it came to catching trout or rabbits. But when Christmas came their families cheered our comic behaviour in school nativity plays. I know this was where Seth got his passion from for being on the stage, how he learned to use make-up. He loved using the makeup to turn him into as a snowman, but with a comical twist. Well the curtains come down on Seth for the last time. It was me who found him, he had found shelter in the lee of a dry stone wall with his sheep. This may be his wake but fill your glasses. Here’s too Seth.


Sadly today a letter arrived with the news that a old family friend from the 1950s had died. Christmas can be a sad time for many, a time when we recall friends and family who are no longer with us. So tonight with this story I raise my glass and try to smile when I think of family and good friends with whom I can no longer share a drink..

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  1. I’l raise a virtual glass from India both for your friend and my husband who passed away last February at age 86. His birthday was December 24th. Season’s blessings to you and yours, Michael. Good writing. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. At this time of the year I recall with a tinge of sadness, my many friends and family who have left this world. But mainly I try to remember the good things that we did together. I thank god that they were part of my life.

      Your supportive comments on my humble attempt at writing are very much appreciated. I send seasonal greetings to you, I hope you do have some comfort at this time, and maybe a good book to read. I raise my glass to you.

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