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Silver Dawn

Photo copyright: A mixed bag
Photo copyright: A mixed bag

The flyer would not stop. If it did the stresses upon it might tear it apart. Instead it would slow and she would have to run and jump aboard. That is after those who wanted to, had jumped off on the first part of the platform.
The flyer was cobbled together from several pre war items, its main body was part of a London Underground tube coach, the front third was from a bonneted railcar, whilst the rear third looked as if it had once been part of a personal carrier from a North Sea underground mine.

As the flyer slowed on approach to the platform, its various doors were heaved open, pale faces appeared. Five people were bundled off the moving train then she made her move, running as fast as possible parallel to the flyer, she grabbed a protruding handle and swung herself on board. As she staggered across the flyers floor she heard the doors being dragged shut. At first her untidy arrival was met with no reaction, until those present saw the facial tattoos.       Members of the fox clan were rightly feared. At the next platform everyone left the flyer except Nexiv and infant human.


Footnote: At the moment I have limited time available, so I have adapted a small section from a failed story. It is a warm clear dawn in New England and I feel that I should be inspired. Hopefully there is time yet.

Sun rise in New England
Sun rise in New England
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    1. Thank you Iain. My original story gives glimpses of how the earth has changed and why, but that is over three thousand words long. All I will say, is that in this story, the earth’s crust is riven by deep jagged channels.

  1. I’m still trying to decide if you mean “flyer” as in literally a flying contraption or as in a train that just goes very fast. I see the image is more of a metaphor for a clan of people. There’s obviously a larger story to be told.

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