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It’s Cold

Photo copyright: Yarnspinnerr.
Photo copyright: Yarnspinnerr.

It’s really cold outside Fflur, there will be no opportunity the chase ice dragons today. I have locked the entry hatch and shuttered the panels. The other settlers living pods will be at least a hundred metres under the planets surface. I know you are desperate to bring in some fresh meat, but I really do not like the taste of dragon meat. It may cook quickly and turn out looking like pork scratchings, but it tastes of absolutely nothing.

Yes I know that some of others love the stuff, but the deep blue colour puts me off. Ok I know that it was me that wanted to come here and that we are being well paid to protect the scientists. But really darling I wish I was back home. At this moment I would give a years pay for a slice of laver bread and some golden beetroot crisps.

Footnote: I tried to get away from dragons and food, but failed miserably.

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