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From the Ocean

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Mary knew that there was something unusual about about the patterns she saw after the storms had brought down sections of the cliffs. Most days Mary went down to the beach, as she had been doing since she first learnt to walk. At first she went with her mother to see the fishing fleet leave. There had been times when she wished she had not. It was hard seeing adults cry out in pain as boats returned with missing crew or failed to return at all.

Many times Mary had wondered why she stayed, but time and time again her fascination with what she saw drew her back. Slowly she started taking the most amazing pieces that she found home, even though some people laughed at her. Then when she met her benefactor, that changed, for she was able supplement the families meagre income by selling what she found. Mary Anning had a rare gift and in a large measure helped start what we now call Paleontology.


I am rather strapped for time as present, self inflicted and mostly due to a new project. [More details in time]. I will read all the posted stories, but my apologies as I may not be able to comment until the new year. In the mean time I hope that Christmas treats you all kindly. Mike


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