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The Kiss

Photo copyright: A mixed bag.
Photo copyright: A Mixed Bag.

I blew her a kiss, but it was not returned. Instead she pulled a face at me. I ask what do you do when your love is not returned? Perhaps I should cut my losses and move on. But in my dreams I see her in my arms. You see I am a time travellers, for centuries I have always returned to her. Always it was natural for her to fall in love with me. Even though she has never known of my secret.

Fables have been built around our love, The Greeks called me Cronos and her Achelois. The Romans knew me as Antony and called her Cleopatra. But today she is Elizabeth the First and I am Robert Dudley. Yet something has gone wrong, for she is unable to return my love. Everyone at the court knows that I love her, but it seems that I have lost her.

Her picture hangs in my hall, her image is burned into my mind, as if I had reversed the principle of the Camera obscura, and looked into the sun.

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  1. An interesting story for sure, reincarnated lovers. I read a romance recently on this, the lover’s kept being reborn in different times, leaving clues behind so they remembered each other and their love. But whenever they got to together, the lady got sick and died and at the end of the book the guy figured out that in this present life, they could not be together so finally, in the next life they could be together their whole lives and in every reincarnation of themselves after that. I forget the specific details of why not being together in their present life, meant a better future life for them and their child, but you get the similar gist to your story. Although I feel bad for the guy in your story, that for some reason she doesn’t love him this time around. Maybe she does and won’t admit it? Does she remember him as he remembers her? Maybe power at this time is more important to her as Elizabeth I as she never did marry.

    1. I wondered about many of these points as I constructed this story. As I also found myself wondering about Elizabeth. There are so many possibilities, which is great for writers of historical fiction.

  2. Great story. There is a story similar to this in the DC Superhero Universe between Hawkman and Hawkgirl who find each other in lives across the centuries from Ancient Egypt to now.

    Love this.

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