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The lion and it’s handler

Prompt from Wildverbs
Prompt from Wildverbs

Carol watched Derek at work, his fearless demeanour had fascinated her since she had first arrived at the circus. Derek had more hair than any man should have, and how Carol wanted to run her fingers through it. So she volunteered to enter the ring cage when the lions where present. But Derek had eyes only for the lions.

But Carol knew that she could play the long game, so she allowed her hair to grow and grow. In time she would have a mane to rival any lion. Mandrake had watched her carefully for a long time, although he did not see her as a threat. Today when Derek cracked the whip, it’s tip brushed Mandrakes nose. Angered Mandrake was stung into action. He leapt from his stool and picked Carol up by her hair and deposited her at Dereks feet. If his growl could have been translated, it would have been: “wake up and get on with it son”.

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    1. I am honoured by your comment, but the name Derek was to be the next name used within my dream series. In this story, sadly, I was only sketching out his past life within the Blackpool circus. As for Mandrake I am quite unsure where the name came from !. Perhaps somewhere deep in my psyche, although to my knowledge I have never read any of the relevant comic strips! It is quite ‘magical’ that I should have linked the names together

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